Choose Prime. Choose PayPerHead

Rookies use notepads. Professionals use custom dashboards.

Let information come to you and stop chasing it down. See your entire sportsbook at a glance with bettor stats, collection and payout charts, and TV listings to entice casual players.

Don’t waste time spending hours on the phone with someone you can’t understand. Get the technical support that puts your book back in business right away.

Agents need a smooth pay out and collection method to keep their players coming back for more. That’s why we don’t charge processing fees on Bitcoin, Etherium, or Litecoin.

 PayPerHead has you covered with:

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Choose Premium. Choose PayPerHead
Choose Premium. Choose PayPerHead
Choose Premium. Choose PayPerHead
Choose Premium. Choose PayPerHead
Choose Premium. Choose PayPerHead
Choose Premium. Choose PayPerHead

Earn More Money Per Bettor

Find Agents to Work for You

Save Time on Every Game

Step Up Your Book for $6.50 a Head

Starting your own book takes guts, instinct, and a way to get your foot in the door. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have the first two. Now you can get started with 50% per head.

Enter the 14-Day Bookie Bootcamp for FREE to turn your instinct into a competitive advantage with sportsbook software that covers everything.

Then use the PayPerHead platform to grow your business at $6.50 per head.

Become a Pro Bookie at $6.50 Per Head


Professional Bookies Make More Money. Join the Ranks for $6.50 Per Head

Professional bookies don’t jot down details by hand or chase their software providers for the money they earned fair and square.

The pros already already have a platform they trust. This lets them leverage advantages in their software to earn more money with every action they take.

Your sportsbook is a business, not just a hobby. Grow it like one.

Get the Competitive Advantage

Take the 14-Day Bookie Bootcamp program to understand how you’ll leverage PayPerHead’s features to earn more money on every player in your pool—and find new ones.

Grow Your Book Where You Can See Everything

Choose Premium. Choose PayPerHead

Keep Your Cash When You Earn it

It’s no secret that other per head software providers throw up barriers when you try to collect. Do what you do best knowing it’s safe, secure, and—most importantly—it’s yours.

Start Earning Like a Real Bookie

Learn Exactly How to Capitalize on the NFL Season

PayPerHead has the ultimate NFL Guide for bookies—and yes, it’s for the 2017 - 2018. Keep it with you to win on every game.

Start Your Professional Bookie Career
Choose Premium. Choose PayPerHead

Strategically Call on Dedicated Consultants for Live Demos

Get Secure Payment Options That Fit Your Style

About PayPerHead

PayPerHead has offered agents a better way to run their businesses since 1997, providing fast, discreet, and secure data processing across the globe.

Take on new players, free up your time, and let PayPerHead do the heavy lifting. Simply pay out and collect for $6.50 when you call and put down a $100 deposit within 7 days.

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Join PayPerHead. Accomplish More and Scale Up for $6.50 Per Head.

Growing your book is easier said than done if you don’t know what you’re doing.

That’s why we created the 14-Day Bookie Bootcamp. We’ll show you how to capitalize on every feature PayPerHead offers so that you can keep your players coming back for more.

It starts here:

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Join the Bootcamp Free. Earn at $6.50 a HeadTake Me To The Top

Collect and Pay Out On Your Terms

Make More Money with Analytics

Rely on Support Teams Who Don’t Clock Out at 5

Forget the Fees on Collections and Payouts

Dominate Competitors with Expert Bookie Knowledge

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Your Book. Your Way. Your Dashboard.


Collect and Pay Out with Bitcoin Transactions just added Bitcoin, Etherium, and Litecoin to your roster of payment options for two reasons:

More Payment Options
Get Your 5% Rebate Now

• Get 5% of your deposit back when you sign up for PayPerHead with Bitcoin

• Enjoy no transaction fees when using Bitcoin, Etherium, or Litecoin.

• There’s no middle man. When the transaction starts, you’re getting paid no matter what.

• It’s discreet. Both you and your players get more anonymity when you want it.