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PayPerHead is the only software with the customization and scale to get the most out of every game.

Every business owner needs a dashboard to make the right decisions, and you’re no exception.

Create your own custom dashboard to see only what you need:

  • Top-performing players
  • Money-losing players
  • How many games are running
  • Which bettors have paid you

Don’t waste time spending hours on the phone with someone you can’t understand. Get the technical support that puts your book back in business right away.

Bookies need a smooth pay out and collection method to keep their players coming back for more.

 PayPerHead has you covered with:

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Revolutionize the Way You Make Money

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Manage Your Book in One Place

Put Your Players in Front of hundreds of games every month

Capitalize on Upcoming Sports Events Ahead of Time

Make Payment Easy for Your Players

Rely on a Dedicated Consultant

Choose Premium. Choose PayPerHead
Choose Premium. Choose PayPerHead
Choose Premium. Choose PayPerHead
Choose Premium. Choose PayPerHead
Choose Premium. Choose PayPerHead
Choose Premium. Choose PayPerHead

Let Players Bet More Often

Identify the Most Profitable Players

Handle Payment Options Smoothly


Get Our Premium Bookie Software For $6.50 Per Head

The most successful Bookies don’t make money by triple-checking the lines or scribbling in a notebook. They make money by letting their software tools do the heavy lifting in the thick of baseball and horse-racing seasons.

Grow your book like a pro with the best technology available to scale up your operation from the comfort of your laptop or smartphone.

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There’s a Better Way to Grow Your Book

Successful bookies use prime features to help them get the most out of every player and every bet while games are happening every day..

Stop running your bookie business by hand. You’re leaving money on the table by scrambling to record every bet, result, and invoice.

Become your own boss instead of your own workhorse with the right tools to get the job done.

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You Get Paid For Every Bet

You earn money every time your players bet on a game. What if you could put games in front of them every single day from multiple sports and leagues?

 Exposing your players to more games is one of the keys to success in the bookie business, and there’s one tool that lets you do it. You can get them to bet on live games in:

They can even play in online casino games themselves, and you get a cut of their play.

80+ sports leagues

70+ horse racing tracks

Live casino games

Every baseball and football game available

Bring In More Players

Organize Your Entire Operation From One Screen 

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Maximize Player Income With Advanced Dashboards 

You need to earn more revenue from fewer players.

Successful bookies use customized dashboards and player reports to see which bettors bring in the most money per game. Become the bookie that wins with every bettor.

Get Prime For $6.50 Per Head
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Take Your Book Into The Endzone 

Football season is around the corner, and 2017 is going to be big.

It’s the perfect time to set up a professional book. The pre-season starts August 3rd. Don’t sit on it until you’ve missed the opportunity like every other rookie bookie—get started now!

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Technical Support When You Actually Need It

The Most Payment Options in the Industry. Period.

About PayPerHead

PayPerHead has offered agents a better way to run their businesses since 1997, providing fast, discreet, and secure data processing across the globe.

Take on new players, free up your time, and let PayPerHead do the heavy lifting. Simply pay out and collect.

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