Manage your business from a single, customizable dashboard that lets you see everything at a glance.

Expand your book with PayPerHead by establishing a Master Agent Network, in-depth player stats, and analytics.

VIP service is the rule at—not the exception. 

We reach out to every customer within a few days of signing up to make sure you can take advantage of every feature available. 

We recognize that this is a partnership: we win when you win.

Agents need a smooth pay out and collection method to keep their players coming back for more. That’s why we don’t charge processing fees on Bitcoin, Etherium, or Litecoin.

 PayPerHead has you covered with:

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Choose Premium. Choose PayPerHead
Choose Premium. Choose PayPerHead
Choose Premium. Choose PayPerHead
Choose Premium. Choose PayPerHead
Choose Premium. Choose PayPerHead
Choose Premium. Choose PayPerHead

1. Sign Up with PayPerHead Prime Today

2. Set Up with Account Consultants

3. Establish Your Custom Website for Players

Pro Bookies Win Every Game Using PayPerHead Prime

You can't keep your eyes on lines for all 68 competing teams without the right tools for the per head industry.

That's where PayPerHead Prime has you covered for $6.50 per head.

Leverage premium live wagering on over 1,000 events and new agent features to stay on top of every NCAA basketball game in March.

Leverage Your New 
Competitive Advantage

Tame March Madness with exclusive live dealer rates, zero Bitcoin fees, and premium live wagering on over 1,000 events.

Offer more opportunities for your players to win and let them pay you on their terms. Join the bookies who turn a profit on every game.

Manage Your Entire Book From One Place

Choose Premium. Choose PayPerHead

Keep Your Cash After Every NCAA Game

Collect your hard-earned money with payment options that work best for you and your players know it's secure at all times.

Start Earning Like a Veteran Agent

Make More Money on Each NCAA Game

PayPerHead Prime has you covered for March Madness. Use live wagering, sharp lines, and mass player editing to skyrocket your revenue.

Rely on Dedicated Account Consultants at Every Turn

Get Secure Payment Options That Fit Your Style

About PayPerHead

PayPerHead has offered agents a better way to run their businesses since 1997, providing fast, discreet, and secure data processing across the globe.

Take on new players, free up your time, and let PayPerHead do the heavy lifting. Simply pay out and collect for $10 per head when you call and put down a $100 deposit within 7 days.

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 All the Tools You Need to Succeed
for $6.50 Per Head

Veteran bookies like you need specific tools and software for bookies to turn a profit on every NCAA game.

Scale up your operations like the seasoned professional that you are. Make more money with tools built specifically for growing sportsbooks just like yours.

It starts here:

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Maximize March Madness with PayPerHeadTake Me To The Top

Collect and Pay Out With Your Preferred Method

In-Game Live Wagering Doubles Profits

Rely on Support Teams Who Don’t Clock Out at 5

Get Notified on Every Important Bet

Use Sharp Lines From In-House Odds Makers

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Your Book. Your Way. Your Dashboard.

Collect and Pay Out Faster with Bitcoin, Etherium, & Litecoin just added Bitcoin, Etherium, and Litecoin to your roster of payment options. Here's how you benefit:

More Payment OptionsGet Your 5% Rebate With Prime

• Get back 5% of your deposit when you sign up for PayPerHead with Bitcoin.

• PayPerHead waives all transaction fees for Bitcoin, Etherium, and Litecoin.

• There’s no middle man. You get paid once the transaction starts—no matter what.

• It’s discreet. Both you and your players get more anonymity when you want it.

4. Customize Your Dashboard for Maximum Profit

Dominate March Madness with Pro Tools

Your Book. Your Way. Your Dashboard.

Choose Prime. Choose PayPerHead

Make More Money with PayPerHead Prime

March Madness starts on March 13th. Are you ready?

Take your book into the big leagues with PayPerHead Prime. You need the best software in the industry to capitalize on every game.

Unrivaled Bookie Software
Now at $6.50 Per Head

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